Shadeland, IN is a scenic rural community rooted in everything from multi-generational family farms to innovative Fortune 500 laboratories. See what we do to carry our small town spirit into our work and city development.

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Zoning & Permits

Our town services are meant to help you, your family, and your business, not hinder their development. See our quick and easy guide to zoning and building permits to get started on your projects.

A Community That Comes Together

See how all our local town facilities work to create a better environment for Shadeland families to live, work, and grow.

Parks and Recreation

Our Parks and Recreation Department create memorable places and experiences.

Fire Department

Our Fire Department keeps our homes and businesses secure and safe.

Street Department

Our Street Department ensures Shadeland’s streets and paths are the best it can be.

A Proud Legacy

Through its long history, Shadeland has experienced lots of progress and growth, while still maintaining its rural-based, neighborly reputation.

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